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The Observability and eBPF Buzz at P99 CONF 2022

A look at the observability and eBPF talks on the agenda for P99 CONF, featuring free access to the insights of luminaries like Liz Rice, Charity Majors, and Alex Hidalgo.

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Avi Kivity: A Window Into Database Operations from the Disk’s Perspective

Avi Kivity’s first-of-its-kind journey into what IO heavy database workloads look like from the perspective of a fast NVMe SSD — like the NVMe-based Nitro SSDs featured in new AWS EC2 I4i instances.

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9 Books by P99 CONF 2022 Speakers: Go, SLOs, eBPF, Databases & More

P99 CONF 2022 speakers have amassed a rather impressive list of publications, including quite a few books. This blog highlights 9 of them.

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Bryan Cantrill on Rust and the Future of Low-Latency Systems

Why Bryan believes the future of low-latency systems will include Rust programs in some surprising places.

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Wasmtime: Supporting UDFs in ScyllaDB with WebAssembly

P99CONF speaker Piotr Sarna shares how you can use Wasm to call user-defined functions when querying the database and reveals what Wasm projects are next on ScyllaDB engineering roadmap.

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P99 CONF 2022 Agenda Revealed

Editor’s Note: P99 CONF 2022 is now a wrap! You can (re)watch all videos and access the decks now. ACCESS ALL THE VIDEOS AND DECKS NOW P99 CONF is shaping up to be an incredible event. Already thousands of people have registered to attend. Best of all, because it’s all online and free, there’s no …

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Uninitialized Memory: Unsafe Rust is Too Hard

P99CONF speaker Armin Ronacher shares his insights on why writing unsafe Rust is a complex and user UN-friendly experience – harder than C or C++.

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Liz Rice: Following the ‘Superpower’ Promise of eBPF

P99CONF speaker Liz Rice shares her perspective on why eBPF is a transformational technology for networking, security and observability in cloud native.

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Async Rust in Practice: Performance, Pitfalls, Profiling

A play-by-play account of how ScyllaDB engineers used flamegraphs to diagnose and resolve performance issues in our Tokio framework based Rust driver.

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