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P99 CONF 2022 Registration Now Open, Speakers Announced

Editor’s Note: P99 CONF 2022 is now a wrap! You can (re)watch all videos and access the decks now. ACCESS ALL THE VIDEOS AND DECKS NOW P99 CONF is the event for engineers who care about P99 percentiles and high-performance, low-latency applications. This free, virtual conference was created by engineers for engineers. P99 CONF brings …

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Exploring Phantom Jams in your Data Flow

Like traffic, software can experience slowdowns for no good reason. How can you design around this problem? Learn how to implement a producer-dispatcher-consumer model.

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Direct I/O Writes: The Path to Storage Wealth

When writing to files on modern storage, you can write for cheap at first, but you are bound to pay the real cost — with interest — later. Direct I/O can set you on the path to building real storage wealth.

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P99 CONF 2022 Call for Speakers

Editor’s Note: P99 CONF 2022 is now a wrap! You can (re)watch all videos and access the decks now. ACCESS ALL THE VIDEOS AND DECKS NOW P99 CONF was born out of the need for developers to create and maintain low-latency, high-performance, highly available applications that can readily, reliably scale to meet their ever-growing data …

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Kafka-Compatible Fast Distributed Transactions

Transactions bring exactly-once semantics (EOS) to streaming processing. They help developers avoid the anomalies of at-most-once or at-least-once processing (lost or duplicated events, respectively) and focus only on the essential logic.

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Overheard at P99 CONF, Day Two: Low-Latency Expert Insights — and Memes!

Throughput and latency might be in constant tension, but learning and liveliness certainly are not. Case in point: P99 CONF. Over the past two days, the conference took a deep dive into all things P99 with 35 fascinating sessions, nonstop discussions in the Speakers Lounge, 4 flash polls, and lots of lighthearted fun such as …

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Overheard at P99 CONF, Day One: Low-Latency Expert Insights

Only a specialized subset of engineers obsess over long-tail latencies — P99, P999, or even P9999 percentiles — and are truly fascinated by things like: Programming techniques like io_uring, eBPF, and AF_XDP Tracing techniques like OSNoise tracer and Flamegraphs Application-level optimizations like priority scheduling and object compaction Distributed storage system optimizations in Ceph, Crimson, and …

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Hunting a NUMA Performance Bug

Arm-based computers are continuing to make inroads across both personal computing as well as cloud server spaces. From the Arm-based MacBooks you can use during your development stages, to the Graviton2-based instances on AWS, which we recently showed provide better price-performance than similar Intel x86-based instances. Yet Amazon is not the only cloud provider providing …

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Introducing JfrUnit 1.0.0.Alpha1

JfrUnit is an extension to JUnit which allows you to assert JDK Flight Recorder events in your unit tests. This capability opens up a number of interesting use cases in the field of testing JVM-based applications.

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