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Denis Rystsov

Kafka-Compatible Fast Distributed Transactions

Transactions bring exactly-once semantics (EOS) to streaming processing. They help developers avoid the anomalies of at-most-once or at-least-once processing (lost or duplicated events, respectively) and focus only on the essential logic.

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Hunting a NUMA Performance Bug

Arm-based computers are continuing to make inroads across both personal computing as well as cloud server spaces. From the Arm-based MacBooks you can use during

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Introducing JfrUnit 1.0.0.Alpha1

JfrUnit is an extension to JUnit which allows you to assert JDK Flight Recorder events in your unit tests. This capability opens up a number of interesting use cases in the field of testing JVM-based applications.

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The mystery of kubelet eating CPU and IOPS

System-wide continuous profiling has a habit of turning up performance murder mysteries: The data tells you that something is off in a rather unexpected manner, and an investigation then reveals surprising insights about the deployed systems.

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