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P99 CONF 24: The Wait is Over

An early look at P99 CONF 24, including 3 session sneak peeks: Amos Wenger, Andy Pavlo, and Michael Stonebraker.

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P99 CONF Call for Speakers | OCTOBER 23 + 24, 2024 | All Things Performance

Low-Latency & Performance-Obsessed Engineers: Share Your Insights At P99 CONF

Obsessed with high performance and low latency engineering? Discuss your experiments, optimizations, ideas, and lessons learned with ~20K like-minded engineers… at P99 CONF 2024!

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Bun, Tokio, Turso Creators on Rust vs Zig

What transpired when Glauber Costa (Turso co-founder), Jarred Sumner (developer of Bun.js and CEO of Oven) and Carl Lerche (developer of Tokio and major Rust contributor) got together for an impromptu “coding for speed” panel at P99 CONF

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Bryan Cantrill & Friends on Corporate Open Source Antipatterns at P99 CONF

When Bryan Cantrill & friends start talking about “open source antipatterns,” it gets spicy fast – and the intensity continues for a remarkable time.

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P99 CONF Day 2 Recap

Hear about the highlights of P99 CONF Day 2, with keynotes by Gwen Shapira, Bryan Cantrill, and Danny Kopping.

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P99 CONF Day 1 Recap

Hear about the highlights of P99 CONF Day 1, from the event host’s behind-the-scenes perspective.

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Low-Latency Distributed Data Strategies Featured at P99 CONF 23

If you share our obsession with high-performance low-latency data systems, here’s a rundown of sessions to consider joining at P99 CONF 2023.

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Using WebAssembly UDFs (and Triggers!) in a SQLite-Compatible Database

How WebAssembly addresses key issues with SQLite UDFs — so you can skip the low-level C API and use languages like Rust, Zig, or Go 

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15 Books by P99 CONF Speakers: Go, Wasm, eBPF, Databases & More

P99 CONF 2023 speakers have amassed a rather impressive list of publications, including quite a few books. This blog highlights 15 of them.

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