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Low-Latency & Performance-Obsessed Engineers: Share Your Insights At P99 CONF

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P99 CONF Call for Speakers | OCTOBER 23 + 24, 2024 | All Things Performance

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Obsessed with high performance and low latency engineering? Join the P99 CONF community to discuss your experiments, optimizations, ideas, and lessons learned with ~20K like-minded engineers… at P99 CONF 2024!

Share your ideas for a P99 CONF talk

There’s no other event like P99 CONF. It’s a highly technical conference created specifically to connect and foster the community of technologists who obsess over performance from any and all angles. In the open source spirit, the event is collaborative and free.

We’re looking for talks that fall into the following categories:

  • Databases: Advances in performance-oriented databases, caches, sharding, tuning, data models, migrations, and algorithmic optimizations
  • Data: Real-time streaming, ETL & batch processing at scale, workload optimizations and relevant tools oriented for performance
  • Languages & frameworks: Building low-latency apps with Rust, Zig, Go, Elixir, C++, Wasm, Bun, maybe even…Java
  • Use cases: Your experiences tackling tricky performance challenges, especially those related to real-time applications, AI/ML, and K8s
  • Compute/infrastructure: The latest developments with performance-oriented servers, processors, networking, and storage
  • Measurement: Interesting applications of performance measurement tools & techniques, tracing, benchmarking, observability
  • What’s next in performance: Bring us your most intriguing thoughts, tools, and techniques

Interesting optimizations, algorithms, tooling, and other low-latency engineering strategies – it’s all fair game.

If you’re selected to speak, you’ll be in amazing company. We’re honored to have featured luminaries like Bryan Cantrill, Gwen Shapira, Liz Rice, Charity Majors, Gil Tene, Steven Rostedt, Gunnar Morling, Glauber Costa, Jarred Sumner, Dor Laor, and Avi Kivity, plus scores of tech talks by engineers at Square, Uber, Lyft, Netflix, TikTok, RedHat, AWS, Meta, Google, Intel, Oracle, Microsoft, Vercel, Redis, Postman, Turso, Redpanda, TigerBeetle … just too many to call out here.

Browse the library of past talks

Speaking slots are just 15-20 minutes*, so consider it your TED Talk debut. 🙂 We welcome a broad range of speakers, including first-time speakers. It’s a great opportunity to share your insights and achievements with ~20K of your peers – no travel required!

The conference is designed to be fully virtual and highly interactive. All sessions will be pre-recorded at your convenience; during the live conference, speakers can focus on chatting with attendees, conference hosts, and fellow speakers. The deadline for submissions is May 15, 2024. The event is October 23 and 24 (two half days).

* BUT… if you have something else in mind, let us know and we’ll try to make it work!


What type of content are you looking for? Is there a theme?

P99 CONF is designed to highlight the engineering challenges and creative solutions required for low-latency, high performance distributed computing applications. We’re looking for strategies geared toward a highly technical engineer or developer. No vendor pitches will be accepted.

Where can I see examples of successful P99 CONF sessions?

Want inspiration for your submission? We just opened up access to the complete library of past P99 CONF sessions – no registration required. Just go to and binge-watch to your heart’s content. This should give you a good idea of the topics and technical depth that resonates with the P99 CONF community.

Does my presentation have to include P99s?

Not at all. In fact, some of the most popular sessions in past conferences questioned the value of P99s. For example, Gil Tene talked about “percent-lies”, Alex Hidalgo explored whether we should “throw away our nines,” and Charity Majors declared that “averages are BS, 99th% are BS, and 99.999% are BS.”

Bring us your most intriguing ideas, including potentially provocative ones. If they’re grounded in technical experience, we’d love to feature them.

If I’m selected, what is the time commitment?

Based on feedback from past presenters, we expect the total time commitment to be 4-5 hours. We’ll get you all set up with timelines and templates, then schedule a recording appointment with our professional production crew so we can ensure the final video looks amazing. Additionally, we ask that all speakers log onto the virtual conference platform for live Q&A during their session.

Share your ideas for a P99 CONF talk

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P99 CONF OCT. 23 + 24, 2024

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