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20+ Low-Latency Engineering Case Studies: Netflix, Twitter, TikTok, Square, Uber & More

Learn how top tech companies are tackling their toughest performance challenges, directly from the engineers behind the optimizations.

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Visualizing SQL Plan Execution Time With FlameGraphs

Learn a new way for applying FlameGraphs for visualizing RDBMS SQL execution plan response time and resource usage at the plan operator level, while still maintaining the ability to see the big picture at a glance even with very large plans.

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If P99 Latency is BS, What’s the Alternative?

What’s the problem with P99s? And if they truly are BS, what should we look at instead? Hear from Gil Tene, Alex Hidalgo, and Charity Majors.

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P99 CONF 23 Agenda: Take a Peek

A first look at the agenda for P99 CONF, the technical conference for engineers who obsess over high-performance, low-latency applications.

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Static Streams for Faster Async Proxies (In Rust)

A little while back in Tokio’s Discord chat server, someone asked a really interesting question: how can you stream a multipart body from an incoming request into an outgoing request? My struggle to answer this really helped me understand Rust async lifetimes. We’ll explore why this is tricky, then design and benchmark a solution.

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Running Fast and Slow: Experiments with BPF Program Performance

Is there really any difference in how we reason about an abstract program performance versus a BPF program? Could we use the same techniques and approaches?

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What the Heck is the Edge Anyway?

Bringing compute to the edge only solves half the problem, especially if you’re making calls to a centralized database somewhere in a far away cluster.

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How to Write Accurate Benchmarks in Go

It’s easy to write inaccurate benchmarks and make wrong assumptions based on them. This blog examines four common and concrete traps leading to inaccuracy.

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What’s Next For Rust? Discover – and Debate – at P99 CONF

A sneak peek into some of the Rust-focused talks we’ll be featuring –at P99 CONF 2023, as well as several other (Zig, C++, Go….) talks that might be interesting to even crabby Rustaceans.

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