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P99 CONF 23 Agenda: Take a Peek

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P99 CONF 2023 is now a wrap! You can (re)watch all videos and access the decks now.


Okay P99 CONF community, the wait is over. Speed on over to the P99 CONF agenda page for a first look at 50+ low-latency tech talks jam-packed across two half days. As always, the open-source-focused conference is free, fully virtual, and highly interactive.

Expanding the P99 CONF Core

P99 CONF began as a wild idea in 2021. With the goal of hosting a highly technical conference on low-latency engineering strategies, we reached out to our friends across the ScyllaDB and kernel engineering communities. The response was overwhelming. With two half days of tech talks on low-latency Rust, data systems, and infrastructure, the speakers rose to the challenge – and the 5K attendees loved it.

As word got out, we doubled the number of tech talks and attendees for P99 CONF 2022. With keynotes from Gil Tene, Liz Rice, Charity Majors, Armin Ronacher Dor Laor, Avi Kivity, and Bryan Cantrill, we touched on 99th percentlies (not a typo), eBPF, observability, event processing, the primacy of toolmaking, and a look inside (quite literally) high performance databases. We also added a second agenda track, so we could feature even more talks on “all things performance,” including sessions on Go, Kubernetes, and front-end performance optimization.

This year, join ~15K of your peers for 50+ talks across 3 parallel tracks, as well as an Instant Access library that allows you to binge-watch sessions throughout the 2 days – including some extensive profiling training sessions and other deep dives you won’t want to miss. Some new topics on the agenda for 2023 include Zig, low-latency C++, NATS, edge, and AI/ML. And then there are the speakers. Top speakers from both P99 CONF 2021 and 2022 are returning with new talks they’ve been saving for the P99 CONF community. And we hope you share our excitement about the host of new speakers we’re featuring this year. We’ve been trying to get many of them on the P99 CONF virtual stage since 2021. This year, the planets finally aligned.

Do take a few minutes to look at the agenda. You’ll find an all-star lineup including fresh perspectives from a few companies you might have heard of – for example, Netflix, Google, Meta, Lyft, Uber, TikTok, Square, Bloomberg, Postman, RazorPay, ShareChat, Jetbrains, Grafana, Microsoft, and Red Hat.

Can’t Miss Keynotes

As you can see in the agenda, each day is anchored around multiple keynote blocks. Having access to all these brilliant minds at a single event is an unparalleled opportunity, and we hope you’ll be there on October 18th and 19th to experience it, chat with them, and see what happens when they all interact.

Here are some inside scoops on a few of the keynotes:

  • Gwen Shapira: Performance engineering approaches that are effective at the “enterprise” level (e.g., Oracle, Cloudera, Confluent) just don’t translate well to startups. Gwen will be sharing stories and lessons learned about solving performance challenges at a startup, when everything is needed ASAP but time and resources are constantly stretched thin. Her keynote covers the decisions that worked well on her personal journey from specialist to startup co-founder, the mistakes made, and the tools that were worth far beyond their cost.
  • Bryan Cantrill: About a decade ago, Bryan delivered a passionate talk on corporate OSS antipatterns and promised to revisit the topic in a decade to explore any new mistakes that happened to emerge. Well, recent developments on the “corporate OSS mistakes” front reminded him about this promise … and the moment is ripe. Bryan is eager to address this, and he’s saving the topic for the P99 CONF community. We’re expecting a rather lively chat for this one!
  • Jon Haddad: For over 20 years, Jon has been responsible for the continued health and performance of some of the most massive distributed systems on the planet (Netflix, Apple…). As you can imagine, this inflicted a fair share of battle scars and resulted in quite a library of lessons learned. Jon will be sharing his pro tips, including the tools and processes he applies and the best way to spend your time for the biggest impact.
  • Dor Laor: Most software isn’t architected to take advantage of modern hardware. How does a shard-per-code and shared-nothing architecture help – and exactly what impact can it make? Dor will examine technical opportunities and tradeoffs, as well as disclose the results of a new benchmark study.
  • Avi Kivity: Nobody is infallible. Not all architectural decisions stand the test of time. So, what happens when you realize you need to change your architecture? How do you minimize the impact on performance when making substantial changes to critical software? Avi will take you through this journey, exploring how ScyllaDB evolved its architecture to take advantage of tablets.
  • Paul McKenney: Paul, Dor, and Avi go back to the KVM hypervisor days. While Dor and Avi have since transformed into sea monsters, Paul is now on the Meta kernel team. His keynote focuses on the Linux Kernel Memory Model (LKMM), a powerful tool for developing highly concurrent Linux Kernel code. Not all that familiar with LKMM? Perfect. Paul’s goal is to help you get the most out of it, without the otherwise steep learning curve.

O’Reilly as a Media Sponsor

As we were building out the agenda, we noticed that our speaker lineup included many authors of books hosted on the O’Reilly platform (which includes technical books by Apress, Manning, Pragmatic Bookshelf, and more in addition to the ones sporting the distinctive O’Reilly animal covers). One of our speakers (thanks Cary Millsap!) made a connection, we chatted a bit, and now we’re honored to have O’Reilly on board as a P99 CONF media sponsor.

What does this mean for you?

  • 30-day access to the complete O’Reilly platform
  • Hard-copy book bundle giveaways throughout the event
  • Sneak peeks at what over a dozen top technical authors are working on next

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P99 CONF OCT. 23 + 24, 2024

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