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P99 CONF 23: Registration + a Sneak Peek

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P99 CONF is gearing up to present two half days of (free + virtual) tech talks on low-latency engineering strategies and performance optimizations. On October 18 & 19, you can learn from 50+ outstanding speakers sharing insights from a broad range of perspectives – front-end/back-end, Rust/C++/Go/WebAssembly, SQL/NoSQL, software/hardware, cloud/edge…

It’s still quite early in the P99 CONF 2023 lifecycle, but we know that the low-latency-obsessed P99 CONF community does not like to wait. 😉

We’re excited to share that registration is now open! If you’ve experienced P99 CONF before, you know that you can expect tons of great tech talks on Rust, C++, Go, event streaming architectures, distributed databases, Linux kernel, observability, Kubernetes, and more. A quick look at some of the luminaries who will be speaking this year should paint a clear picture of the caliber and breadth of technical expertise you can expect at the 2023 conference.

Register Now

There’s no other event like P99 CONF. It’s a highly-technical conference created specifically to connect and foster the community of technologists who obsess over P99 percentiles and long-tail latencies. In the open source spirit, the event is collaborative and free.

Early registrants will be eligible for prizes like over-the-ear AirPods and book bundles featuring publications authored by P99 CONF speakers.

Propose a Talk

P99 CONF is a highly interactive event, with many different opportunities to connect with speakers and fellow attendees over the course of the conference’s 2 days. But if you’re working on some interesting low-latency engineering and performance optimization challenges, consider taking your participation up a level and propose a talk.

We’re looking for technical takes on how engineers are tackling real-world problems. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic path to some “Eureka” moment that will change the world as we know it. Many of the most popular talks in the previous conferences involved an engineer sharing…

  • The complexity of a specific challenge they faced
  • The pros and cons of the different solutions they considered
  • What approach they ultimately took, how it worked out, and lessons learned

Interesting optimizations, algorithms, tooling, and other low-latency engineering strategies – it’s all fair game. Talks commonly fall into the following categories:

  • Development: Techniques in programming languages (Rust!) and operating systems
  • Architecture: High performance distributed systems, design patterns and frameworks
  • Performance: Capacity planning, benchmarking and performance testing
  • DevOps: Observability & optimization to meet SLAs
  • Use Cases:  Low-latency applications in production and lessons learned

Share your ideas with the community

For more details see the Call for Speakers blog.

Binge Watch Past Years’ Sessions

To get a taste of what our 2023 event will be like, you can browse and binge-watch our previous years’ sessions – no registration required.

Watch on demand

Stay Tuned for Updated

Follow us on Twitter to hear announcements of additional speakers, talk topics, blogs by our speakers, and event additions that will enhance the “live” attendee experience.


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P99 CONF OCT. 23 + 24, 2024

Register for Your Free Ticket