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P99 CONF 2021 Agenda Online

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P99 Conference Virtual Event 2021

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P99 CONF is the conference for low-latency high-performance distributed systems. An event by engineers for engineers, P99 CONF brings together speakers from across the tech landscape spanning all aspects, from architecture and design, to the latest techniques in operating systems and development languages, to databases and streaming architectures, to real-time operations and observability.

P99 CONF is a free online virtual event scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, October 6th and 7th, from 8:25 AM to 1:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

We recently published the full agenda, and wanted to share some of the highlights with you. You will find sessions from companies like Twitter, Netflix, WarnerMedia, Mozilla, Confluent, Red Hat, VMWare, Splunk, Datadog, Dynatrace, ScyllaDB, Couchbase, RedisLabs and more.



Keynote Speakers

  • Brian Martin, Twitter Site Reliability Engineer, will  talk about  reimplementing Pelikan, the unified cache project, in Whoops! I Wrote it in Rust!
  • Avi Kivity, ScyllaDB CTO, will speak on Keeping Latency Low and Throughput High with Application-level Priority Management.
  • Simon Ritter, Azul Deputy CTO, presents Thursday on how to Get Lower Latency and Higher Throughput for Java Applications.
  • Steve Rostedt, VMware Open Source Engineer, will dig deep into fstrace in his talk on New Ways to Find Latency in Linux Using Tracing.

General Sessions

Our general session tracks will run in two virtual stages, with each session running a brisk 20 minutes.

Wednesday, October 6th

  • Peter Zaitsev, Percona CEO, will describe USE, RED and Golden Signals methods in his talk Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting Methodologies for Databases.
  • Abel Gordon, Lightbit Labs Chief System Architect, will show how his team is Vanquishing Latency Outliers in the Lightbits LightOS Software Defined Storage System.
  • Karthik Ramaswamy, Splunk Senior Director of Engineering, will show how data, including logs and metrics, can be processed at scale and speed in his talk Scaling Apache Pulsar to 10 Petabytes/Day.
  • Denis Rystsov, Vectorized Staff Engineer, will discuss how you can tune for performance without discarding distributed transaction guarantees in his session Is it faster to go with Redpanda transactions than without them?
  • Heinrich Hartmann, Zalando Site Reliability Engineer, will go into the deeper maths and technical considerations in his level-setting session, How to Measure Latency.
  • Thomas Dullien, CEO, will uncover all the hidden places where you can recover your wasted CPU resources in his session Where Did All These Cycles Go?
  • Daniel Brisntot de Oliviera, Red Hat Principal Software Engineer, will look into operating system noise in his talk OSNoise Tracer: Who is Stealing My CPU Time?
  • Marc Richards, Talawah Solutions, will show how he was able to optimize utilization in his talk Extreme HTTP Performance Tuning: 1.2M API req/s on a 4 vCPU EC2 Instance.
  • Sam Just, Red Hat Principal Software Engineer, will describe the underlying architecture of their next-generation distributed filesystem to take advantage of emerging storage technologies in his talk Seastore: Next Generation Backing Store for Ceph.
  • Orit Wasserman, OpenShift Data Foundation Architect, will talk about implementing Seastar, a highly asynchronous engine as a new foundation for the Ceph distributed storage system in her talk Crimson: Ceph for the Age of NVMe and Persistent Memory.
  • Pavel Emelyanov, ScyllaDB Developer, will show how, with the latest generation of high-performance options, storage is no longer the same bottleneck it once was in his session What We Need to Unlearn about Persistent Storage.
  • Glauber Costa, Datadog Staff Software Engineer, will address the performance concern on the top of developer minds in his session Rust Is Safe. But Is It Fast?
  • Jim Blandy, Mozilla Staff Software Engineer, will continue the dialogue on using Rust for I/O-bound tasks in his talk Wait, What is Rust Async Actually Good For?
  • Bryan Cantrill, Oxide Computer Company CTO, will look ahead to the coming decade of development in his session on Rust, Wright’s Law, and the Future of Low-Latency Systems.
  • Felix Geisendörfer, Datadog Staff Engineer, will uncover the unique aspects of the Go runtime and interoperability with tools like Linux perf and bpftrace in his session Continuous Go Profiling & Observability.

Thursday, October 7th

  • Tanel Poder will introduce a new eBPF script for Continuous Monitoring of IO Latency Reasons and Outliers.
  • Bryan McCoid, Couchbase Senior Software Engineer, will speak on the latest tools in the Linux kernel in his talk High-Performance Networking Using eBPF, XDP, and io_uring.
  • Yarden Shafir, CrowdStrike Software Engineer, will present on I/O Rings and You — Optimizing I/O on Windows.
  • Shlomi Livne, ScyllaDB VP of Research & Development, will engage audiences on How to Meet your P99 Goal While Overcommitting Another Workload.
  • Miles Ward, SADA CTO, will share his insights on building and maintaining Multi-cloud State for Kubernetes (K8s): Anthos and ScyllaDB.
  • Andreas Grabner, Dynatrace DevOps Activist, will also be talking about Kubernetes in his session on Using SLOs for Continuous Performance Optimizations of Your k8s Workloads.
  • Tejas Chopra, Netflix Senior Software Engineer, will describe how Netflix reaches petabyte scale in his talk on Object Compaction in Cloud for High Yield.
  • Felipe Oliveira, Redis Labs Performance Engineer, will speak on Data Structures for High Resolution and Real Time Telemetry at Scale.
  • Gunnar Morling, Red Hat Principal Software Engineer, will show off the capabilities of the Java JDK Flight Recorder in his session Continuous Performance Regression Testing with JfrUnit.
  • Pere Urbón-Bayes, Confluent Senior Solution Architect, will show audiences how to measure, evaluate and optimize performance in his talk on Understanding Apache Kafka P99 Latency at Scale.
  • Waldek Kozaczuk, OSv Commiter, will talk about building components for the video supply chain of CNN in his talk OSv Unikernel — Optimizing Guest OS to Run Stateless and Serverless Apps in the Cloud.
  • Felipe Huici, NEC Laboratories Europe, will showcase the utility and design of unikernels in his talk Unikraft: Fast, Specialized Unikernels the Easy Way.
  • Roman Shaposhnik, VP Product and Strategy, and Kathy Giori, Ecosystem Engagement Lead, both of Zededa will speak on RISC-V on Edge: Porting EVE and Alpine Linux to RISC-V.
  • Konstantine Osipov, ScyllaDB Director of Engineering, will address the tradeoffs between hash or range-based sharding in his talk on Avoiding Data Hotspots at Scale.

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While P99 CONF is totally free, open and online, make sure you register now to keep the dates booked on your calendar. We’re just six weeks to the event and are looking forward to seeing you all there!


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