Zero Downtime Critical Traffic Migration @Netflix Scale

Picture yourself enthralled by the latest episode of your beloved Netflix series, delighting in an uninterrupted, high-definition streaming experience. Behind these perfect moments of entertainment is a complex mechanism, with numerous gears and cogs working in harmony. But what happens when this machinery needs a transformation? This is where large-scale system migrations come into play. Come join us to learn about how Netflix does these migrations at scale with replay traffic testing, canary analysis, dual writes/reads, and with NO downtime.

45 minutes
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Abhishek Pandey, Senior Software Engineer at Meta

Abhi is a Tech Lead at Meta where he is currently developing cutting-edge AI/ML infrastructure. Before Meta, he was the senior engineer in the User Systems and Data team within Netflix. Where he championed a bunch of critical migration projects that helped Netflix scale to more than 200 Million users and adopt some cutting-edge technologies. Prior to Netflix, Abhi was an early engineer in some of the well-known startups like Uber and Appdynamics where he worked on low-level systems and wrote the platform and infrastructure layers to enable developers to do their job better.

P99 CONF OCT. 23 + 24, 2024

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