What We Need to Unlearn about Persistent Storage

System software engineers have long been taught that disks are slow and sequential I/O is key to performance. With SSD drives I/O really got much faster but not simpler. In this brave new world of rocket-speed throughputs an engineer has to distinguish sustained workload from bursts, (still) take care about I/O buffer sizes, account for disks’ internal parallelism and study mixed I/O characteristics in advance. In this talk we will share some key performance measurements of the modern hardware we’re taking at ScyllaDB and our opinion about the implications for the database and system software design.
18 Minutes

Pavel Emelyanov, Principal Software Engineer, ScyllaDB

Pavel "Xemul" Emelyanov is an ex-Linux kernel hacker whose past experience includes containerizing Linux and the foundation of the project called CRIU. Pavel joined the ScyllaDB core team at the end of 2019 (which probably explains some extra throughput brought to the NoSQL world since then).

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