VM Performance: The Differences Between Static Partitioning or Automatic Tuning

Virtualized workloads are known to require carefully crafted configuration and tuning, both at the host and at the guest level, if good performance are to be achieved. But, considering that this comes at the price of lack of both flexibility, efficiency and complex management, is it really worth it?

On the other end, modern Operatins System offer mechanisms for handling complex workloads dynamically, efficiently and without the need of cumbersome manual setup. But are the performance good enough?

This talk will try to provide some possible answers to the above questions, by showing the results of an extensive analysis of different combinations and levels of automatic and manual tuning of a virtualization server, when some of the most typical workloads and load conditions are considered.

16 minutes
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Dario Faggioli, Virtualization Software Engineer at SUSE

Dario is a Virtualization Software Engineer at SUSE. He's been active in the Open Source virtualization space for a few years. Within the Xen-Project, he is still the maintainer of the Xen hypervisor scheduler. He also works on Linux kernel, KVM, Libvirt, and QEMU. Back during his Ph.D., he worked on real-time scheduling on Linux, and he's one of the original authors of what today is the SCHED_DEADLINE scheduling class. He currently focuses on scheduling and on measuring and improving performance. Since 2010, he has spoken at several events and conferences such as Linux Kernel Summit, Linux Plumbers, previous editions of the Xen-Project Developers Summit, FOSDEM, LinuxLab, OSPM, Linux Foundation's Open Source Summit and KVM Forum. He has also given technical seminars about Computer Architecture at the University of Pisa, the University of Modena, and the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna.

P99 CONF OCT. 18 + 19, 2023

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