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The Observant Developer — Continuous Feedback with OpenTelemetry

Roni Dover shares practical ways that OpenTelemetry combined with open-source tools can be integrated into the modern development stack.

25 minutes

Roni Dover, CTO of Digma

Roni Dover is an infovore, product developer, and board game geek. He writes and talks about development practices, Devops, and design/architecture topics. Dover is also a Holistic developer and software builder with a passion for development processes and methodologies. Over the past two decades, Roni Dover was focused on incepting, building, and scaling great products including Torque, an IAC Control Plane, and CloudShell, a platform for 'as-a-service' provisioning of environments. He is currently building something exciting and new at digma.ai

P99 CONF OCT. 18 + 19, 2023

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