The History of Tracing Oracle

In this presentation, I will explore the history of tracing Oracle and why it has been overlooked despite its usefulness. I will discuss examples of how Oracle traces can help you improve performance across your whole technology stack. My aim is to encourage Oracle developers and DBAs to embrace tracing as a powerful tool for improving Oracle systems. And I hope to inspire creators outside of the Oracle community to pay more attention to tracing as a primary data source in the systems they design.

26 minutes
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Cary Millsap, Distinguished Product Manager at Oracle Database

Cary Millsap spent the 1990s learning a lifetime’s worth of lessons about software performance as a consultant for Oracle Corporation. In his ten years at Oracle, he personally helped over a hundred customers, and he created an elite 85-person team who have helped hundreds more. He left Oracle in 1999 to grow his family, and he has been an entrepreneur ever since. Cary has educated thousands of professionals through his commitment to writing, teaching, and speaking at public events. His books “Tracing Oracle” and “Mastering Oracle Trace Data” help professionals optimize any Oracle-based application. His newest book, “How to Make Things Faster: Lessons in Performance from Technology and Everyday Life,” is for anybody who is curious about performance and how to improve it.

P99 CONF OCT. 23 + 24, 2024

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