Testing Persistent Storage Performance in Kubernetes with Sherlock

Lightbits Labs’ Sagy Volkov demonstrates how to use Sherlock, an open source platform written to test persistent NVMe/TCP storage in Kubernetes.

30 minutes
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Sagy Volkov, Distinguished Performance Architect at Lightbits Labs

Sagy Volkov is the former Performance Architect of the OpenShift Container Storage (OCS) in red hat. Prior to that he formed the performance engineering group in ScaleIO and the ScaleIO enterprise advocates group, also architected the ScaleIO storage appliance. He is now with Lightbits Labs as a distinguished performance architect concentrating on NVMe/TCP storage performance and application performance using NVMe/TCP. Sagy have spoke previously in KubeCon, Cloud Native Storage day (CNS), DevConf, EMC World and the red hat booths in KubeCon and red hat summit.

P99 CONF OCT. 23 + 24, 2024

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