Rust, Wright’s Law, and the Future of Low-Latency Systems

Bryan Cantrill on the rise of Rust-based systems, and the ceding of Moore’s Law to Wright’s Law and explain why the future of low-latency systems will include Rust programs in some surprising places.

21 Minutes
Bryan Cantrill

Bryan Cantrill, CTO of Oxide Computer Company

Bryan Cantrill is a software engineer who has spent a quarter of a century at the hardware/software interface. He is the co-founder and CTO of Oxide Computer Company, which is endeavoring to build a rack-scale computer for the post-cloud era. Prior to Oxide he spent nearly a decade at Joyent, a cloud computing pioneer; prior to Joyent, he spent fourteen years at Sun Microsystems, a now-defunct computer company that Bryan's nine-year-old daughter apparently thought was a brewery.

P99 CONF OCT. 18 + 19, 2023

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