Rust Is Safe. But Is It Fast?

Rust promises developers the execution speed of non-managed languages like C++, with the safety guarantees of managed languages like Go. Its fast rise in popularity shows this promise has been largely upheld. However, the situation is a bit muddier for the newer asynchronous extensions. This talk will explore some of the pitfalls that users may face while developing asynchronous Rust applications that have direct consequences in their ability to hit that sweet low p99. We will see how the Glommio asynchronous executor tries to deal with some of those problems, and what the future holds.

20 Minutes
Glauber Costa

Glauber Costa, Staff Engineer at DataDog

Glauber is a veteran low-level engineer with a strong focus on performance and resource management. He has worked with a variety of subsystems in the Linux Kernel, most notably the KVM Hypervisor and the cgroups resource management infrastructure that created the foundations of the containers revolution. Glauber had spent many years with ScyllaDB working with both business and technical issues, specializing in storage I/O and automated resource controlling. Currently he is a Staff Engineer at Datadog, where he authored the Glommio asynchronous framework for Rust.

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