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Removing Implicit Deadlocks on a Thread-per-core Architecture with 2-phase Processing

Redpanda’s Alex Gallego will show how implicit limitations in asynchronous programming can be addressed by a 2-phase technique for resolving priority inversion.

21 minutes

Alex Gallego, CEO and Founder of Redpanda

Alex is the CEO and Founder of Redpanda Data, where he is building an Apache Kafka alternative for mission-critical systems. He is a systems engineer interested in low-latency storage (Redpanda), distributed stream processing (Concord.io, now Akamai IoT), databases and networking. Alex is the maintainer of an open-source RPC protocol that uses TCP kernel bypass & zero-cost serialization: https://github.com/senior7515/smf. In a previous life, he invented a new out-of-band pairing protocol.

P99 CONF OCT. 18 + 19, 2023

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