Reducing P99 Latencies with Generational ZGC

With the low-latency garbage collector ZGC, GC pause times are no longer a big problem in Java. With sub-millisecond pause times there are instead other things in the GC and JVM that can cause application threads to experience unexpected latencies. This talk will dig into a specific use where the GC pauses are no longer the cause of unexpected latencies and look at how adding generations to ZGC help lower the p99 application latencies.

18 minutes
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Stefan Johansson

Stefan Johansson, Principle Member of Technical Staff at Oracle

Stefan is a software engineer working in the HotSpot GC-team at Oracle. He joined the GC-team in 2013 and has been active in OpenJDK since then with a focus on the G1 garbage collector. Prior to working with GC in the JVM he was working on other JVM related projects at Oracle/Bea.

P99 CONF OCT. 23 + 24, 2024

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