Peak Performance at the Edge: Running Razorpay’s High-Scale API Gateway

Razorpay caters to millions of API requests every day that are non-uniform in nature. As a key provider of financial infrastructure in India, it is important to ensure availability of services around the clock. Further, it is also vital to ensure seamless and robust authentication and authorization, due to the involvement of financial data. This case study focuses on how we solved the availability and authorization challenges using Edge – our API gateway. It will also include insights on how our rate limiter plugin handles more than 200K RPS workloads seamlessly with latency under sub milliseconds. Key learnings include Edge architecture, how we rate limit requests on a granular level, and ensuring authorization and authentication is not impacted.

19 minutes
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Jay Pathak, Software Development Engineer at Razorpay

I am a Software Engineer at Razorpay, India where I am a part of the platform team which manages the API gateway. I like to work on challenges that solve problems at scale. I am also an active speaker where I participated in meetups and also took sessions to educate folks more on the challenges to run a highly available API gateway and also the software architecture of Edge- the API gateway for Razorpay.

P99 CONF OCT. 23 + 24, 2024

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