Overcoming Variable Payloads to Optimize for Performance

Hear from Sentry’s Armin Ronacher, creator of the Flask framework for Python, on how to optimize for performance when you have highly variable payload sizes.

20 minutes
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Armin Ronacher, Creator of Flask and Principal Architect at Sentry

Armin Ronacher is a Principal Architect at Sentry and is the creator of the Flask web framework for Python. He has worked on various Open Source and commercial projects, largely on the backend for the last 10+ years. Prior to joining Sentry, he was a Consultant and a Systems Architect on the Fireline project at Fireteam, leading many Open Source projects like the Flask microframework for Python, the Jinja2 template engine and many more. He has been credited on Batman Arkham Asylum, Halo The Master Chief Collection, and other games. His field of expertise is in large scale backend infrastructure, networking and online services and API design.

P99 CONF OCT. 23 + 24, 2024

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