Noise Canceling RUM

Noisy Real User Monitoring (RUM) data can ruin your P99! We introduce a fresh concept called “Human Visible Navigations” (HVN) to tackle this risk; we focus on the experiences you actually care about when talking about the speed of our sites:

  • Human: We exclude noise coming from bots and synthetic measurements.
  • Visible: We remove any partial or fully hidden experiences. These tend to be very slow but users don’t see this slowness.
  • Navigations: We ignore lightning-fast back-forward navigations which usually have few optimization opportunities.

Adopting Human Visible Navigations provides you with these key benefits:

  • Fewer changes staying below the radar
  • Fewer data fluctuations
  • Fewer blind spots when finding bottlenecks
  • Better correlation with business metrics

This is supported by plenty of real-world examples coming from the world’s largest scale modeling site (6M Monthly visits) in combination with aggregated data from the brand new (open source). After attending this session; your P99 and other percentiles will become less noisy and easier to tune!

19 minutes
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Tim Vereecke, Web Performance Architect at Akamai

Tim Vereecke loves speeding up websites and likes to understand the technical and business aspects of WebPerf since 15+ years. He is a Web Performance Architect at Akamai and also runs the largest (and fastest!) scale modeling website on the planet.

P99 CONF OCT. 23 + 24, 2024

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