Is It Faster to Go with Redpanda Transactions than Without Them?!

Denis Rystsov shares how Redpanda optimized the Kafka API and pushed throughput of distributed transactions up to 8X beyond an equivalent non-transactional workload.

14 Minutes
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Denis Rystsov

Denis Rystsov, Staff Engineer at Vectorized

Denis Rystsov is a staff engineer at Vectorized working on Redpanda, a Kafka-compatible distributed event streaming platform. His area of expertise lies in distributed transactions, consensus algorithms, and testing consistency models. He likes to keep an eye on academic computer science research and use it as leverage in the industry. Denis volunteers as a member of the Hydra conference program committee and as a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Systems Research (JSys). He received his MSc in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from SPbSU. Before joining Vectorized he worked at Yandex, Amazon, and Microsoft. Apart from work he likes surfing and exploring the waters of the PNW.

P99 CONF OCT. 18 + 19, 2023

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