I/O Rings and You — Optimizing I/O on Windows

Very recently Windows decided to go on the same path as Linux and implement I/O rings – a way to queue multiple I/O operations at a time instead of one by one. This change is expected to have major impact on the performance and efficiency of high-I/O applications, thus keeping Windows servers competitive. This session will present this new feature, its implementation and demonstrate how it should be used and discuss potential future additions to it to further improve the handling of I/O by complex systems.

20 Minutes
Yarden Shafir

Yarden Shafir, Software Engineer at Crowdstrike

Yarden is a Software Engineer at Crowdstrike, working on EDR features, and a consultant for Winsider Seminars & Solutions Inc., co-teaching security trainings. Previously, she worked at SentinelOne as a security researcher and QA engineer. Outside of her primary work duties, Yarden writes articles and tools and gives talks and workshops about various topics such as CET internals, extension host hooking and kernel exploit mitigations. Outside of infosec, Yarden is a circus artist, teaching and performing aerial arts.

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