How to Measure Latency

Measuring Latency for Monitoring and Benchmarking purposes is notoriously difficult. There are a lot of pitfalls with collecting, aggregating and analyzing latency data.

In the talk, we will make an effort to visit this topic from a top-down perspective and compile known complications and best-practice approaches on how to avoid them. This will include:

  • Measurement Overhead
  • Queuing effects – Coordinated omission
  • Histograms for Aggregation and Visualization
  • Percentile aggregation
  • Latency bands and burn-down charts
  • Latency comparison methods (QQ Plots, KS-Distance)
21 Minutes
Heinrich Hartmann

Heinrich Hartmann, Principal Engineer at Zalando

Heinrich spent ~10 years of his live pursuing an academic career in Mathematics. After transitioning to IT, he worked as a Data Scientist for the Monitoring vendor Circonus and is now SRE @ He has a passion understand the production behavior of IT systems, and tries to apply rigorous math and probabilistic modeling to this domain. Heinrich lives with his wife and 3 daughters in the rural town of Stemwede Germany.

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