How to Improve Your Ability to Solve Complex Performance Problems

This talk is really about problem solving. It’s about how we think about problems and how we resolve those problems in a deeply technical context. The main goal of the talk is the relay the lessons learned from a couple of decades working with and observing some of the best performance troubleshooters in the world.

The talk will be broken into 3 main parts.

1. Explain the basic process we must go through to solve a complex performance problem
2. Discuss some of the main factors that can inhibit our efforts
3. Discuss some of the techniques we can apply to improve our chances, including an almost fool proof method to reach a successful outcome

Specific technical examples from large enterprise customers using relational databases (Oracle primarily) will be used to illustrate the concepts.

41 minutes
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Kerry Osborne, Google Database Black Belt Team Lead at Google

Kerry Osborne is a database performance specialist. He is a founder of Enkitec; an expert model Oracle-focused consulting company that was acquired by Accenture in 2014 (now the Accenture Enkitec Group). He is also a founder of Gluent, a software company which provided transparent connections between many analytic engines (Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, Hadoop, Synapse, …) Gluent’s IP was acquired by Google in 2022 and the team joined Google to form a specialized group of databases experts (Database Black Belts) that focus on helping enterprise customers and improving Google’s database products by infusing Gluent IP. Kerry has co-authored two performance focused books, Pro Oracle SQL and Expert Oracle Exadata.

P99 CONF OCT. 23 + 24, 2024

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