High-speed Database Throughput Using Apache Arrow Flight SQL

Kyle Porter and James Duong of Bit Quill Technologies share how Flight SQL can push SQL query throughput beyond existing standards such as ODBC.

25 minutes
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Kyle Porter, Architect at Dremio

Kyle Porter is an Architect at Dremio and a principal developer in the data space mostly focussed on data connectivity. He played a key role in creating one of the industry standard connectivity SDKs for ODBC and JDBC, was part of the effort to revamp ODBC for version 4.0, and has likely created many of the drivers that you use to move data around in your own systems. Kyle actually swore he'd never work in databases after taking a particularly bad university course, but luckily the explosion in NoSQL, Big Data, and data lake technology has convinced him otherwise and he's since spent his time making data more accessible.

James Duong, Architect at Dremio

An Apache Arrow contributor and Dremio architect, James Duong has worked with databases for over 15 years, from query engines to protocols. He's worked with databases such as Dremio, SQL Server, Redshift, and Hive.

P99 CONF OCT. 23 + 24, 2024

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