Get Lower Latency and Higher Throughput for Java Applications

Getting the best performance out of your Java applications can often be a challenge due to the managed environment nature of the Java Virtual Machine and the non-deterministic behaviour that this introduces. Automatic garbage collection (GC) can seriously affect the ability to hit SLAs for the 99th percentile and above. This session will start by looking at what we mean by speed and how the JVM, whilst extremely powerful, means we don’t always get the performance characteristics we want. We’ll then move on to discuss some critical features and tools that address these issues, i.e. garbage collection, JIT compilers, etc. At the end of the session, attendees will have a clear understanding of the challenges and solutions for low-latency Java.

19 Minutes
Simon Ritter

Simon Ritter, Deputy CTO at Azul Systems

Simon Ritter is the Deputy CTO of Azul, provider of the Java platform for the modern cloud enterprise. Simon joined Sun Microsystems in 1996 and started working with Java technology from JDK 1.0; he has spent time working in both Java development and consultancy. Having moved to Oracle as part of the Sun acquisition, he managed the Java Evangelism team for the core Java platform, Java for client applications and embedded Java. Now at Azul, he continues to help people understand Java as well as Azul’s JVM technologies and products. Simon has twice been awarded Java Rockstar status at JavaOne and is a Java Champion. He currently represents Azul on the JCP Executive Committee and on the Java SE Expert Group.

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