Crimson: Ceph for the Age of NVMe and Persistent Memory

Orit Wasserman (Red Hat) talks about implementing Seastar, a highly asynchronous engine as a new foundation for the Ceph distributed storage system.

17 Minutes
Orit Wasserman

Orit Wasserman, Architect at Red Hat

Orit is an OpenShift Container Storage Architect at Red Hat, focusing on storage for containers, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and Edge. An experienced software engineer who is passionate about open source and infrastructure, Orit has worked with distributed systems and storage for much of her career. She was a principal architect at Lightbits labs, a software-defined storage startup developing NVMe/TCP. Her journey at Red Hat started on Ceph object storage (Ceph Rados Gateway), a highly available distributed software-defined storage solution designed to scale and handle PetaBytes. She also co-maintained and developed live migration for KVM/QEMU. In the past at IBM Research Labs, she developed nested virtualization for KVM.

P99 CONF OCT. 18 + 19, 2023

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