Continuous Go Profiling & Observability

This presentation is for Go developers and operators of Go applications who are interested in reducing costs and latency, or debugging problems such as memory leaks, infinite loops, performance regressions, etc. of such applications. We’ll start with a brief description of the unique aspects of the Go runtime, and then take a look at the builtin profilers as well as Go’s execution tracer. Additionally we’ll look at the interoperability with popular observability tools such as Linux perf and bpftrace. After this presentation you should have a good idea of the various tools you can use, and which ones might be the most useful to you in a production environment.

20 Minutes
Felix Geisendörfer

Felix Geisendörfer, Staff Engineer at Datadog

Felix Geisendörfer is a Staff Engineer at Datadog, where he works on Continuous Profiling for Go. Before that he was working on manufacturing systems for Apple, herding big PostgreSQL clusters. In his spare time he's usually working on [open source](, playing beach volleyball, or giving [questionable advice]( on the internet.

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