Beyond Availability: The Seven Dimensions for Data Product SLOs

In the software world, we’re used to SLOs built around latency and availability. But in the data engineering universe, there are different usage patterns for data products, and this means that data product SLOs shouldn’t rely on only these SLOs to guide product development. In fact, sometimes they might be harmful.

This talk will explore seven dimensions” for data product SLOs and explore how we can define them to help drive towards more effective and reliable data and business intelligence systems.”

25 minutes
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Thoughtworks Emily Gorcenski

Emily Gorcenski, Principal Data Scientist at Thoughtworks

I am a Principal Data Scientist and Head of Data for Thoughtworks Germany. I have a background in research engineering and computational and applied mathematics. I work as a data and software engineer, developing and architecting data driven applications. I am a strong advocate for data journalism and have contributed research, materials, and expertise to multiple award-winning projects.

P99 CONF OCT. 23 + 24, 2024

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