Always-on Profiling of All Linux Threads, On-CPU and Off-CPU, with eBPF & Context Enrichment

In this session, Tanel introduces a new open source eBPF tool for efficiently sampling both on-CPU events and off-CPU events for every thread (task) in the OS. Linux standard performance tools (like perf) allow you to easily profile on-CPU threads doing work, but if we want to include the off-CPU timing and reasons for the full picture, things get complicated. Combining eBPF task state arrays with periodic sampling for profiling allows us to get both a system-level overview of where threads spend their time, even when blocked and sleeping, and allow us to drill down into individual thread level, to understand why.

20 minutes
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Tanel Poder, Owner at Poder Consulting

Tanel Poder is a long-time computer performance geek, working on various complex systems like (Oracle) database clusters, modern Big Data & cloud technologies and anything running on Linux/Unix. He has built and fixed enterprise data systems all around the world, this has also resulted in building a few small-but-very-fun tech companies around better tools and methods. He has two patents in data virtualization space and has realized that this is enough. In addition to his R&D, he occasionally delivers consulting, advisory and training to companies and talks about performance & troubleshooting both at public conferences and his video channels available at his website.

P99 CONF OCT. 23 + 24, 2024

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