Adventures in Thread-per-Core Async with Redpanda and Seastar

Thread-per-core programming models are well known in software domains where latency is important. Pinning application threads to physical cores and handling data in a core-affine way can yield impressive results, but what is it like to build a large scale general purpose software product within these constraints?

Redpanda is a high performance persistent stream engine, built on the Seastar framework. This session will describe practical experience of building high performance systems with C++20 in an asynchronous runtime, the unexpected simplicity that can come from strictly mapping data to cores, and explore the challenges & tradeoffs in adopting a thread-per-core architecture.

21 minutes
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Travis Downs, Software Engineer at Redpanda

Travis loves going deep on performance, all the way to assembly if needed! In his role as engineer at streaming data pioneer Redpanda, he works on all aspects of performance. Prior to Redpanda he held principal and lead technical staff positions at Salesforce, and software architect roles at SAP and Business Objects. He earned his BSc in Physics and Computer Science from The University of British Columbia. In his pre-parenting years, when he had free time, he could be found writing on his blog or skiing the slopes near his home base in British Columbia, Canada.

P99 CONF OCT. 23 + 24, 2024

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