P99 CONF will run on the online conference platform Hopin. Check out the article Using Hopin as an Attendee for an overview.

Don’t see what you’re looking for below? Please email [email protected].

Once registered here, you will receive an email from “ScyllaDB < [email protected] >” with the subject P99 CONF – Your event link that will give you access to the official conference event on Hopin. Click the Personal Event Link button to enter the conference.

If you are having trouble finding the email, click this reset password link and enter the email address you used to register. You can then log in to the event here. On the live event days, you will notice the event is listed as’ live’. Click ‘Enter event’ on the right hand side and this will then take you into the live Summit reception page.

Please make sure you complete your profile with your first name, last name, and “headline” (i.e. Database Administrator at Netflix) and add a photo of yourself. This will help identify you in the Chat and allow for better networking and direct messaging.

The Reception area will show the agenda and what’s happening now. All sessions are broadcasting from the Stage, which is accessed through the menu on the left. When the Stage is live, you will see a “Live” in red next to the Stage icon. We will use the Event Chat for announcements, giveaways, and session Q&A. Introduce yourself and tell us where you are joining from!

Use a modern browser for the best experience. Hopin recommends Chrome or Chromium. An internet connection that allows you to participate in a Google Meet or Zoom call should be sufficient for the Hopin platform.

No. Hopin runs in your browser.

Audio can only be heard through Hopin directly, Hopin’s web app is now available on mobile devices for attendees. While still in beta, you can now attend your Hopin event from your phone or tablet with limited functionality.

The Hopin platform automatically updates the conference schedule to match your local time.

Message Event Helpdesk for support (search in the People tab within the event) or email [email protected].

Whenever you run into a 500 error or 404 error, please try the following troubleshoots: 

– Refresh your web browser
– Restart your web browser
– Sign out of your Hopin account and sign back in
– If none of that works, restart your computer 

Having difficulty with your audio or video? Check out this article.

Note: If you experience issues receiving messages or accessing the chat this could be due to being behind a corporate firewall, using a VPN or a Web Proxy. Please have your IT department make sure the network ports and websites in Hopin’s Network Connectivity Settings articles are allowed, also turn off any VPN or proxy server if possible, then try again.

All general sessions will take place on the Stage. Presenters will be available in the Stage Chat to answer questions during their session. After their sessions, the presenters will be available in the Speaker Lounge which is accessed by navigating to the ‘Lounge’ on the left-hand menu.

Networking conversation partners may decide to share contact information by clicking the Connect button. If both parties click Connect, the pair can find each other’s contact information (email address and social media) via the Connect section of their Hopin account. (Learn more about the Connect feature.)

The Event Chat is for conference-wide discussions. It’s accessible on every page of the platform. The Lounges and Training Sessions have their own dedicated chat streams that are for discussions in the lounges or during training session presentations.

Users can type the @ symbol and a few characters of an attendee’s first name to highlight that person’s name and profile within the chat stream. However, the @mentioned attendee does not receive a notification.

Attendees can message each other through direct messages. To send a DM, find the person you wish to chat with in the People tab, click their profile photo and send the message. A red dot in the recipient’s People tab and on the envelope icon (top right) will let them know they have a new message.

The attendee will receive a direct message letting them know that you’ve invited them to a video call. You will both receive a link to a private session room within Hopin. The room will allow up to five people to share their webcam, therefore you may share the link with up to three other people.

Yes! All of the videos will be available on the conference website following the event. Conversation will also continue on Twitter using the handle @p99conf and the hashtag #p99conf. 

Yes! Follow these instructions to add live captioning in your Chrome browser.

P99 CONF OCT. 23 + 24, 2024

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