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P99 CONF Day 2: Continuing the Performance Conversation

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P99 CONF 2022 is a wrap! If you were among the thousands of engineers in attendance, thank you. P99 CONF was designed to connect and advance the community of engineers obsessed with all things performance and P99 – and yes, that might involve questioning whether P99 itself remains a valuable metric. Your sharp speaker questions (and sometimes snarky chat) are vital to making the conference a compelling community resource.

Also, a special thanks to the many speakers who joined us far outside of their normal working hours. From New Zealand, across Oceania, Asia, Europe and the UK, Africa, South America, and North America all the way to the north shore of Kauai, it’s fair to assume that much coffee was consumed.

The conference is over, but you can keep the P99 conversation going with your team and engineering peers across the industry. Here are a few options…


(Re)Watch the Talks On Demand

All talks are now available on demand, with the accompanying slide decks. Rewatch anything that you missed, and share what you found interesting with your colleagues and social network. We provided a run-down of Day 1 sessions in yesterday’s blog. Here’s what happened Day 2:

  • Charity Majors shared the performance lessons we can all learn from game developers, who were among the first to run up against the limits of low-cardinality tools.
  • Bryan Cantrill weighed in on allowing engineers to make their own tools, resulting in better systems delivered faster and with greater confidence.
  • Avi Kivity creatively applied tools to take us on a unique journey into what IO heavy database workloads look like from the perspective of a fast NVMe SSD.
  • And over 30 more engineering talks covering topics like Rust rewrites, Go performance tuning, Linux tracing, Linux kernel vs DPDK, and more.



Speakers Lounge Highlights

Without leaving your work area of choice, you could instantly connect with a dizzying array of expert speakers, as well as tons of insightful fellow attendees. After the real-time chat during each session, any attendee could follow speakers into the Speakers Lounge, which was a lively venue for casual chat with host Peter Corless, plus the other speakers in the lounge at the time.

Here’s Peter’s take:

“The Speakers Lounge was a great opportunity to dig deeper into the technology, development methodologies, use cases, as well as the backgrounds of the speakers and their organizations.

It also allowed our audience to further engage with their favorite speakers. To ask the deeper questions they had on their mind beyond what was covered in the sessions themselves.”

The lounge was recorded this year. If you want to catch up on the moments you missed, stay tuned to the P99 CONF twitter handle.


Consume – or Contribute – More Technical Content

ScyllaDB, the host of P99 CONF, is known for its impressive engineering feats. We’re proud of our deeply technical engineering blogs and tech talks detailing how we approached these challenges – what worked, what didn’t, and what we learned along the way. Start browsing here.

Also, we’d love to help you share your own low-latency strategies across the P99 CONF community. If you have submissions or want to brainstorm ideas, ping us at [email protected].


Join the High Performance NoSQL Masterclass

Is your project’s database performance holding you back? Then join – or invite your teammates to join – our upcoming masterclass on best practices for highly scalable, high performance NoSQL. The format is a lot like P99 CONF: interactive with in-session chats, follow-up speaker interviews, lounges, and of course some fun contests and giveaways.

Experts from Pythian and ScyllaDB will walk you through best practices for supporting real-time operational workloads at massive scale and speed. Specifically, we’ll start with an overview of core NoSQL options and tradeoffs, demonstrate principles to keep in mind when adopting NoSQL, and then explore advanced strategies to squeeze additional performance out of your NoSQL system. At the end, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate what you learned and earn a certificate that shows your achievement.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Match database models and options to your specific use case
  • Establish a solid foundation for highly scalable, high performance NoSQL
  • Proactively identify and resolve emerging performance issues
  • Optimize the system to support continued growth

P99 CONF by the Tweet

Here’s an overview of conference highlights from attendees’ points of view. Be sure to follow @P99CONF on Twitter for additional insights from speakers, technical discussion of P99 CONF themes, and news about P99 CONF 2023 – which we’re already starting to plan!

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